RobotRepublic — I caught this video on TechCrunch this morning and had to pass it on to you. It’s bloody brilliant.

It’s called Automatica, and it’s the first single off an eponymous new album by Nigel John Stanford.

You know Stanford, right? His Cymatics video went viral earlier this year. You can catch him in the latest video jamming with his KUKA robots. Because their mechanical arms can move so accurately, they are fairly decent musicians — until they start slamming their instruments around, that is. Check it out above.

In an interview, Stanford said that he “just thought it would be cool to see a robot explode a piano.”

Here’s Automatica in full, below.

And in case you missed Cymatics, here it is, too:


Automatica is my choice for today’s featured video here at RobotRepublic.

For RobotRepublic Weekend, I’m Duuk Baten.