RobotRepublic — Are you absolutely and miserably mortified that someone will one day tell you your feet stink?

And are you so mortified about the prospect that no price is too high to prevent that from happening?

If so, Hana-chan the robot puppy is for you. The little 15-cm robot is designed to alert you with a little bark if it detects stinky feet. It’ll fall down “dead” in a dramatic way if the smell is just awful. But either way, never fear. Hana-chan will even spray air freshener at the offending toes wherever it may find them.
The maker of this little bot, Japan-based Manufacturers Next Technology, is betting some people would pay big, big bucks to have a little robot dog tell them their feet smell nasty before some offended fellow human is.

How many bucks? Oh, about $9,200 U.S.

That’ll be the list price for this little mutt when it ships next year. Check it out below, courtesy of the The JapanTimes.

For RobotRepublic, I’m Gina Smith.