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RobotRepublic is an independent media site focusing on the intersection of AI, robotics and humanity. We cover news, trends, policies and ethics through this lens.

Like our patron, the FRR, we are dedicated to the responsible design and development implementation and regulation of robotics in society. We consider ourselves to be the FRR’s editorial arm, though we clearly label all FRR promotional materials as such. We also clearly label news and commentary.

We’re staffed by a team of professional journalists, essayists, artists and editors, led by the award-winning tech and science journalist Gina Smith, who serves as editor-in-chief and edit director.

As a journalistic entity, we adhere to the ethical standards of The Society for Professional Journalists. Read our Ethics Policy here.

We accept no paid advertising and owe allegiance to no corporate entity. Our sole patron and partner is The Foundation for Responsible Robotics, a non-profit.

Our founders are Gina Smith, Scott Robbins, Noel Sharkey and Aimee von Wynsberghe,

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